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Nan Weber,LVN

Co-founder of Holy Family Ministry Center and Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home.  Nan is Directoress of Nursing in the Home and of the Ministry Center.


 Healing Prayer for our nation

Jorge de Santiago

Jorge is a very gifted and talented young husband and father of 8 children. He is the engineer for "Ocean of Mercy", a nurse assistant, the computer "geek", emergency night caller, Landscape and Maintenance Man!  

Fr. Ron Mathews

Fr. Ron is our Chaplain and Host of "Ocean of Mercy."   He retired after 40 years to work with this ministry, to spread the message of Divine Mercy,  and is also a Retrouvaille Priest.

In the Spring of 2015 we felt the great push and need to do more to spread the message of Divine Mercy.  The Message of Divine Mercy is approved by the church through St. Pope John Paul II and is meant to bring all sinners back to Him where their sins are forgiven. He calls to Himself  "even the greatest sinner, if he turn to my Mercy, will be forgiven and he will be made whole."  

(Cont"d) This Message of Jesus' Merciful love is so powerful  that we just knew we needed to continue to seek ways to spread the message.   Maybe A radio tower and transmitter but that seemed impossible so we continued to pray.

As we prayed a phone call came in from Fr. Ron who was calling to say "hello".  In the conversation he suggested radio, as well, but only as a thought for he was familiar with radio from his ministry earlier. He was calling from Louisiana  Oh well, nice thought.  We used to dream of the day when he could join us and we could work together.   That was in April of 2015.  As things go, the fire was still there but yet no solution.  In early June while in prayer at the "3 o'clock hour",  we received a call.  It was Fr. Ron announcing that his Bishop had just called and let him know that he was granting him early retirement!!!!!!  Wow!!!  What???  Are you serious????   

The rest is sort of history!  Fr.Ron joined us and after we all settled down, we began to search again for an answer.  Father researched station possibilities, spoke to several friends who were in radio and nothing looked possible.  I spoke to a friend at the radio station about some advertising and asked if they had any leads on equipment. The answer was "nope, nothing that I know."   So we just put it once again in God's hand and moved o in prayer.  A week later, we were having coffee when the phone rang and it was my friend.  "I have a question for you.  Would you guys be interested in doing an hour long radio show on our station and we would pay 1/2 the fee?  Well, I squealed told Father and Ed and right at that moment, the OCEAN OF MERCY radio program WAS BORN !  At the time of this writing, we are on our 29th program and counting!  We can be reached all over the world by internet and locally at 10:00 Sunday Morning Central Time on www.kxit.com for live streaming.  Please check your time zone for correct time.


05b  USAMissionRosary.com Website

06.  HOMES OF LOVE                        ACROSS AMERICA

The website for those who are hearing a call to care for the vulnerable elderly, ick and terminally ill.  (still under construction)

  "A Radio Talk Show is Born!"      OCEAN OF MERCY                   on KXIT Radio            Dalhart, TX Texas

and online at

KXIT.com  10:00am Central

​​​​​​    USA Mission Rosary   

05a  Evangelization Programs

Ed Weber,CNA

Co-founder of Holy Family Ministery Center and Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home.  Ed is a co-host of "Ocean of Mercy,"  a Catholic Radio Program focused on God's Mercy.

USA Mission Rosary is sponsored by Holy Family Ministry Center, Hartley,Texas 

                                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shXagzuZXJU                                        Holy Family Ministry Center / Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

This painting is from a "vision" that came one evening in prayer and tells the story of the Loreto commitment to those who are dying.  

This is the story of the soul preparing to meet Jesus surrounded by family, the priest and ministered to by the nurse with the glass of water, symbolizing giving hydration till the end.  The "Sacrament of the Sick" being administered by the Priest, the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy being prayed, the children all around the bed praying and some just being, some grieving quietly and Grandma or Grandpa offering His or Her suffering to the Lord as symbolized by the very subtle crown of thorns around his head.  It is the "Three O'clock hour" and the Divine Mercy of Jesus is flooding the room.  The angels are coming from heaven to escort the soul in an atmosphere of peace and trust in Jesus that fills the air.

The Picture above was painted by a young artist, Randy Freimal, who has devoted his artistic gift to the Lord and rendered many beautiful images of Jesus, the Father, Mother Mary and the family.  Every one of his paintings has an image of a fetus hidden somewhere in his paintings.  His pro-life witness of faith in this is one found in the vase of flowers to small to see here..  (copies may be attained by leaving a massage and contact information on the contact page.)

      "Ocean of Mercy"         KXIT  radio team

​​Our Mission

01.Holy Family Ministry Center Mission Statement

      Our Mission is to provide an environment after the model of the Holy Family,in which God’s love and mercy brings renewal and restoration to the family through reconciliation and healing thereby enkindling in them the flame of authentic Catholic spirituality.  By following Jesus in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi we are called to live out the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy and do so through the various programs of education, prayer and service provided by the Center.  We hold the value of all human life to be sacred from conception to natural death.  The intensely Eucharistic environment of the Center provides the source of grace and strength for living this calling in accordance with sacred scripture and in union with the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.


02.       Prayer Ministry 

      We are often called to journey with people along their pathway to freedom through healing prayer.  Fr. Ron is available for blessings and many other Events.  


     Loreto on the Plains       Personal Care Home 

Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide Respect Life Care at the end of life by creating an environment for patients and their families where medical and Spiritual care are united to bring God’s hope and peace through ministering to the sick and terminally ill in the light of the Gospel message.

04  Image of Divine Mercy

When we erected this image of Divine Mercy in 1995, "If I be lifted up I shall draw all men unto me"  (John 12:32)    We often look out to see cars pulled over, families praying and families out for a family walk and stopping.   Many have come to pray at this special place of prayer found on hwy 998 in Hartley, Texas.