​​​​Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the priviledge of serving you each day as we care    for those that you have placed in our hands.  

Help us to see only you when we look at them.

Help us to see you as you were when they handed you down from the Cross into your Mothers arms.

 May they always experience your love when we  touch them, feed them, dress them and  change them  

Thank you Lord, for trusting us

Healing Prayer for our nation

Messages of Hope and Healing

 Today we need God more than ever and we invite you to join this Rosary Crusade for the living truth found in God''s Word and through the Gift of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy given to us through St. Faustina.  This humble beginning will help us to get back on the track of our search for TRUTH, leading us homeward into the arms of the Heavenly Father.  Listen now to the Spanish youth as they sit before the Lord in Adoration and then pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  

         Beautiful meditation by youth                           (in Spanish)


​​​​​​​    USA Mission Rosary   

Join in the Rosary Crusade

All Over America

"Oh Mercy Me!"  I have often heard that phrase and wondered what it meant and what does Mercy have to do with me? I have been the recipient of God's Merciful Love all my life, so ... As a sinner, His Mercy is so evident; I am forgiven and I experience healing.  It can be stated with total confidence that God's Name is L O V E (1Jn4:7) In many years living as a religious person, a Roman Catholic Priest, called to follow Jesus, the Divine Mercy, God's Loving Anointing by His Holy Spirit has kept me on the path He wants me on.  He has even  called me into new adventures, such as now, as part of a Community and Team of Loving Service to God's Holy and often forgotten and most vulnerable ones. We proclaim that All Life has Value, there is no price you can put on it, "from conception to natural death!"  Here at Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home, the Home that Faith Built, we provide Hope, Love, and an environment for healing and LIFE! All are welcome, all are loved, and all find hope!                                Fr. Ron Mathews, Chaplain 

More information coming for the Rosary Crusade!

Please keep checking!